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Please someone help me i just downloaded ePSXe and i don't have much knowledge about emulating but i have set it up and i cant seem to get my memory cards working i checked the destination of the file path and its correct. I've also tried multiply games to see if it was the iso but the iso seems to be fine someone please help.

(the games i'm using it for is Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 Enter Electro)
Good new year friend. Can you tell us how you brake this issue? I'm having the same problem,with the same game... the memory card is working only for load game but is not saving also he is not appearing on the bios. Neither of them, 00 and 01. Only the Sstates is working. The memrex is showing that the file have data but is not showing himself on the bios. Again what version of bios you use? All the best earlier for you now.
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