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Forum Announcements

Forum rules and announcements are posted here. Check this forum regularly!
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Emulation News Submissions

Got some emu news not posted yet ? Tell the world (and us) in here!
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Website-Related Feedback

Have a question or comment pertaining to the administrating of or Post that in here!
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General Discussion

Open Discussion

Topics not covered by other forums go here, but use common sense folks, and conduct yourselves appropriately
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Game/Console Discussion

Stuck in a game ? Want to talk about new releases ? Go here ! ;)
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General Pictures & Videos

General pictures and videos go in here.
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Software Discussion

Discussions about everything related to software go here
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Hardware Discussion

Discussions about everything related to hardware go here
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Web development / Programming

Need help with your website ? Or have a piece of code you can't get to run? Then this is the right place for you.
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General Screenshots

Screenshots from any emulator/game go in here.
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PC Games Screenshots

Screenshots from PC games go in here.
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PS1 Emulation


Discuss the free PS1 emulator ePSXe in here
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Discuss the no$psx emulator here!
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pSX emulator

Discuss the very advanced "pSX emulator" here.
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Discuss the free PS1 emulator PCSX-Reloaded in here.
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Discuss Dr. Hell's always improving PS1 emulator here.
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Misc PS1 Discussion

Other PS1 emulators, general PS1 question - all that goes in here.
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PS1 Plugin Questions & Troubleshooting

Post all your questions and issues related to the PSEmu Pro plugins in here.
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PS2 Emulation

PCSX2 Forum

Discuss about PCSX 2 here !
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PS2 Plugin Questions & Plugin Troubleshooting

Problems with PS2 plugins ? This is the place to check.
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Misc PS2 Discussion

Discuss PS2 and other PS2 emulators here.
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PS3 Emulation

RPCS3 - PlayStation 3 Emulator

Discuss the open source PS3 Emulator here.
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Handheld Emulation

Nintendo Handhelds

General Nintendo handheld emulation discussions
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Sony Handhelds

General Sony handheld emulation discussions
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Misc Handheld Discussion

Any GBA/NDS/PSP topic not fitting into the other forums goes here.
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Saturn Emulation


Discuss the Sega Saturn emulator SSF here.
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Discuss the open source Sega Saturn emulator Yabause here.
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Misc Saturn Discussion

Anything related to Saturn emulators for PC should go here.
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Dreamcast Emulation


Questions, issues and screenshots from Chankast go here.
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Discussions about Demul here.
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Got questions about NullDC ? Ask here !
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Discuss the Sega Dreamcast emulator, Reicast here.
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Misc Dreamcast Discussion

Anything related to DC emulators for PC or DC should go here.
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N64 Emulation

Project 64

A forum for discussion around Project64 and stuff
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Discussions about this fastly advancing emu go in here.
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Misc N64 Discussion

Other N64 emulators, or just general N64 discussions belong in here.
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Gamecube & Wii Emulation


Discussions about Dolphin go here.
46.3K 17.7M
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GCEmu is a gamecube emulator created by some of PSEmus authors
398 423K
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Discussions about Gekko go here.
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Misc Gamecube Discussion

Discuss Gamecube and other Gamecube emulation here.
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Wii U Emulation

Cemu - Wii U Emulator

Discuss the Wii U emulator Cemu here.
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Xbox Emulation


Talk about Cxbx here!
7.2K 3M
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Dxbx is a delphi port of the original Cxbx emulator
1.9K 673K
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  • 673K


Xeon discussion goes here!
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Misc Xbox Discussion

Discuss other Xbox emulation projects here.
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Miscellaneous Emulation

SDLEmu Discussion

Discussions about SDLEmu projects and releases.
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@ruantec Entertainment Software

Discuss the @ruantec Entertainment Software (Evolution) here.
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Discussions about XBOX 360 Controller emulator here.
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Misc Console Discussion

Discussion about any console not covered by NGEmu goes here
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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