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I would like to use Mymc but your files seem not so safe to use?
Not mean to be offensive but could you mind check your file?

File: Mymc.rar
MD5: f5b73e990d317f57f143ef7ef846da9d
Packers detected:
It looks like your virus scanner considers any "packed" executable as being infected or malware. In the case of mymc since it's a Python program it's "packed" using py2exe, which turns it into a Windows executable. Otherwise you'd have to have Python installed on your Windows machine to use mymc. There's no virus or malware in mymc, in either it's packed or unpacked form.

In the case of ps2savebuilder, it's using a packer, Yoda, to prevent people from reverse engineering it. As far as I know there's nothing wrong with it, and this is just another case of your virus scanner being foolishly paranoid.
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