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Hello everyone. I just started using No$GBA and it's fantastic. I mean it's no where near perfect but it runs pretty well.

I'm playing Castlevania-Dawn of Sorrow and the FPS stays above 50. It's slightly choppy in some areas but that's OK.

Anyway, the question I have is about the key assignments for a controller. In Castlevania the bottom screen is the whole game and the top screen is just for the map. So it's perfect for emulation because if you press select or something and select is bound to switch to the other screen it's just like playing it on a console.

The only problem I have is small, but I'm sure there's a way to fix it I just haven't found out how. It seems you have to press two buttons to enter a command. My command is under -View -Replace the Screen. Now there's a space for the "Control Button", and a space for the actual key.

OK, get to the point man, ;) Why do you have to press two buttons to do one command? Instead of setting the map to select I have to set it to L2 and R2. And you have to press them in just the right way to get the map to pull up. "OK, I have to use the map. L2 R2! Didn't work...L2R2! There we go..." It just doesn't feel right, you know?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And also to not get flamed to death if this has already been asked would be nice too.

PS: You're probably thinking, "Just bind them to the same button, duh." Well, it doesn't seem to work that way. You have to set it to two different buttons or it won't work.
I also see now that the Control Button is meant to be held down in order to be used for key bindings. Like if you hold down the Control button, your controller becomes only Zoomers key binds and not the games. But is there a way to do it the way I want to? Just one button?
BTW I tried just deleting the control button but that doesn't work either.
This isn't just for Castlevania either. It could be used for numerous other games because one of the screens is usually just a map or something. And I'm surprised I haven't seen this question because I'm sure most of you use controllers.

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Set "View->Replace the Screen" to any hotkey of your choice under "Other->Key Assignments...".Then, use XPadder to reassign this key to your joystick.
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