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Zinc 1.1 released.

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What's New

-Proper root counter emulation. This fixes gameplay speed in many many System 11 and 12 games (especially Soul Edge and Tekken 3) and also makes "Show Time" mode work properly in Dancing Eyes.
- Fixed Soul Edge set problem introduced in 1.0.2.
- Completely new zip file code ported from M1 now works properly with zipmax'ed archives.
- Load-by-CRC32 implemented.

Get it at:

Along with Zinc1.1, Aldo also released a new version of his Zinc frontend with support for Zinc 1.1. Version 2.03.

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With this new version i get this error while trying to run the roms:

Opening game: Rival Schools (US 971117) [rvschool, BIOS cpzn2]
ERROR: missing rom file: roms/ [ coh-3002c.353 ]

I have the bios and everything worked perfectly before.Any ideas?
You will need to update the rom most likely or just have to redownload the rom.
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