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I have been putting together a large MMO listing. This includes personal reviews, thoughts,screenshots, etc.. I have been updating it for a long time for personal use. I will be now uploading it slowly for NGEMU use. There will be a mixture of game types, and some will be of games already posted here on NGEMU, but it will be a contiuation and a listing for people to review. The game setup will be this standard.


Battle System:

I hope you enjoy what you see, and perhaps you may find a game to your liking. I am also looking for a few volunteers to help with reviewing and going through different MMO's. (The list now totals 172 MMO's) PM me for more information.

New MMO's will be posted every day to every other day. The next three days though (Nov 18-20) I will be posting roughly six starter ones to see how the formats are running..

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Name: Space Cowboy
Developer: Masangsoft
Website: Http://
Status: Open-Beta
Price: Free

Story: C -
The story revolves around the battle for a planet by alien forces. There is unrest amongst the civil parties, you a newly formed mercenary slowly turning military jet pilot. Is one among many used to battle back and save the day. There is more available along with scenario's + character information on the site. Due to the Engrish. It comes off as very un-inspired and is hard to follow. You'll quickly forget about it all together and focus more on the Game play.

Graphics/Design: C+
The game's suffers from low-resolution textures. This isn't so apparent on the ships themselves, but more so on the world itself. They don't distract from the game a lot, and sometimes down right barely noticeable. There currently is no light sourcing/lighting available in the game. This is can be seen in the cavern sections. Explosions, weapons fire, etc. seem to have no effect on the lighting of the atmosphere. Due to the low resolution constraints, the systems specifications are not as high, leaving for the lower-end pc's a decent gaming lag-free gaming experience. It also allows for a large map field to be displayed, with multiple ships on screen. It's sad to see that new equip,changes to your gear does not show or effect the look of it. This lack of change (other than color) causes the sense of uniqueness of your ship to shrink.

The art direction in the game is a mixed bag. The three ships themselves are varied and give off a decent job of supplying space shooting style. Yet, the field maps, plus starting town lack any heart or feeling. In many ways, it feels almost randomly generated. There are certain nice things, like cannons,waterfalls, etc... stretched along the land. These things don't feel as interwoven, most of the time you'll pass them without much thought. The character themselves are bland and uninspired.

Gameplay: B-

Battle System: The game goes down the recent trend of MMO's by breaking out of the usual point and click style. Instead it takes it's nod's from games such as Star Fox. You fight in real time, by using your left mouse button as your main firing, with your right being your missile. Dodge-rolls, space maneuvers are all in the game. Steering can be done with the mouse and doesn't require a simple point and move mechanism. The battles themselves can be fun, and give you a real dog-fight feel. Enemies will fight back and there is a aiming reticle used to help line up the shots for a more accurate bonus.

Jobs/Profession: The game currently only has 4 “gears” available. A,I,B,M types. You're A type is a actual land vehicle, While B is the average all around balanced fighter. I is you're fast paced air style, then finally M is a carrier for more defense style. The 4 gears do all play differently. As well as have numerous different upgrades,equipment changes specifically to each type. B is the most common seen in the game. It's currently unknown if more gears will be available in the future.

Leveling/Grinding: The games leveling can be achieved two ways. Missions or straight out dog-fighting enemies. The missions vary, but most of them consist of kill “insert monster name here” so many times. The reward's can increase your experience points gauge at a high rate. It doesn't take long to go up levels. In fact playing a couple minutes to half a hour a day could net you a good level 10-12 in a few days. This allows for people who wish to play short period or play the game as a small break from regular grind to do so without it taking over there life.

Sound: C-
Effects: The effects in the game are all the normal space fare. It is in low quality, and some of the sounds can get washed out from larger ones. I have been told by masang that sound is still currently being worked on.

Music: The music in the game is currently in the works. Masang was using un-liscened music tracks from some well-known artist. Due to this, they recently pulled some of the tracks. It is planned in a up-and-coming patch to have their own artist inside it.

Community: D-
There really isn't one. The web page doesn't currently support a forum. While, the inner gaming community is mostly quiet. There really is no chatter or friendly conversations,unless it's from someone you know personally. This is a blessing and a curse. It's hard finding party members, or just fun pilots to go on a fly-by with. Yet, it also allows for less savory types to be screaming. You do get the usual person asking how to do something, but this still doesn't account for lack of communication

Overall: C+ It is open-beta. Very early beta to be exact. It's really too early to tell how well the game will fair against the major players in the MMO market. Yet, the innovative new style brought to the MMO market, might pull in some players, along with the star fox action style fans. The game allows for short bursts of play without feeling like you're missing out on things. All in all will stay on my hd as a time waster.

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This is awesome. Nice in depth yet straight to the point reviews and screens and links, good job man! Keep a postin' :D

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Yeah I love it as well. I'm really looking forward to your next reviews, it might inspire me to start a new online game :D

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Name: Knight Online
Developer: Mgame Corporation & Noah Systems
Status: Active
Price: Free, Premium Service Available

Story: D-
The base story is of the war between the kingdoms of “El Morad” & “Kraus”. Both are fighting for supremacy in the world. The games storyline is non-existant in game. Instead relying on the scant paragraphs of text that stays on the webpage. Those looking for a interesting quest or storyline to keep them hooked may want to venture elsewhere. The back-history you do get from the webpage is standard fantasy fare. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the contradictions that occur in game with quests, as well as if the game itself fed more of that back-history. Instead use the games base storyline to create your own role-playing scenarios with friends.

Graphics/Design: C
The game falls down the path of other titles that use lower resolution textures and randomly generated field maps. The game does make good of particle effects. Snow, Rain and other weather effects in the game, really do look nice. Yet, due to the lower resolution, the draw distance mars the game. You sometimes don't even see where you're going until your up right on top of the destination.

The color palette in the game is a mixed bag. The game in most area's uses a lot of browns and more toned down colors, but in other areas uses bright vibrant variations of green's & blues. (Think of it as Razor's bring back blue skies campaign). I liked that touch. The varied in colors helps to distinguish between the more magical fantasy areas, to the war torn zones.

The character models, armor, etc.. do need work. They are all very low poly with few differences between each one. The art direction used in the loading screens and webpage are very artistic and give off a mixture of “Lord of the Rings” and “Warcraft” style vibrances. Yet, in game it seems the art director changed his plans. Many cases you stop to wonder if you're playing the game that was advertised on the website. For fantasy fare, there was nothing new or outstanding. Orcs,Humans and the usual palette swapped monster. (I did find the starter worms, a fresh take on the usual “rats” you kill in most games)

Gameplay: C

Battle System: The game uses the standardized or “Classic” point and click automated battle systems found in most MMO's. The game's battles do move at a quicker pace than some, giving a more action oriented feel, yet it's still just a automatic attack. There is a quick slot bar for help stream-line the special attacks, magic. In all the game feels like it took some of the ideas of MMO's at the time and threw them in. The games main draw is PVP (Player vs. Player). Specialized Zones are setup for this gaming purpose and doesn't have to be used. Large tournaments are held every so often in which the 2 nations spare off against each other in a battle field like match. While, one zone is always set up for PVP and opens up for some very neat XP parties.

Jobs/Profession: The game has 2 different Races with 4 different classes a piece. The 2 races, orcs & humans really don't vary much other than looks and home worlds. The 4 classes Warriors, Rouges, Magician, Priest are your standard MMO jobs. If you've played any fantasy based game you have idea of what each one's capable of. Strangely enough, though. Knight Online is one of the few games that rewards Rouges and Mage's more so than the normal Warrior/Paladin style combo. Rouges make for great in PVP, while Mages seem to be a all around balanced class. Starting off there isn't much difference between the classes, but soon around lvl 10 you will see a large leap in difference.

Leveling/Grinding: The game's grind can be fast and slow how you go about it. Quests don't get very much to any at all in the way of XP, and soloing while doable isn't the fastest way to a good XP, unless your a mage. The game's XP comes a lot quicker in a party. That's not to say the XP is slow without a party or with, in fact it's actually quite quick to level in the game. This is due to the wanting of the developers for the players to PVP faster. That's the other way XP comes in. PVP rewards it's players not only in gold, but in XP. This is a nice way to envelope such gaming mechanics. Expect to put some time in the game, but not as much as some of the others out there.

Sound: B

Effects: The effects in the game are fantasy at it's most common. There's really nothing to complain about. Sword's clang, foots steps are foot steps. The game doesn't do anything to pull anything out, but still accomplishes it's job.

Music: This is where the game shines. The game uses music from “Tai Taij” a video game musician who is very little known. He had worked as a sound director on some of the Gravity games, including Arcturus. The music is synthesized, but you never notice. The melodies are very ethereal or war resounding. There's nothing quite like hearing peaceful ethereal melodies, than hearing a war drum beat start to pick up, while realizing you're being hunted by a orc PVP party. You may not come away from the music with memories as in Single-player entries, but it does provide a excellent trip for “Knight”.

Community: C
“Knight Online” community is very polite and will help you with most base questions. It's wasn't very hard to find people looking for a party or kinda to just drop a line or two. There is the common “l33t” speak every now and then, but most people are there for their own personal usage. Role-players be advised. The servers have very little offer in the way of such a gameplay. The game is known however for good friends to get together and use the base storyline for their own RPGing pleasure. The 2 main downsides to the community is the way some of the players go about PVPing. Rude or silly comments can get down right nasty when it comes to PVP and does push many players off, while the game marketing system. Can make visiting a town a chore. With it's large amounts of players sitting around trying to sell of there wares..

Overall: C

The game doesn't try to bring anything new to the plate. Instead it takes the basics of what makes a MMO and some idea's from other MMO's to create a “basic” MMO. You get what I'm saying here. The game isn't a WOW,FFXI, or even a Lineage 2, but gives the players a world to run in with friends or everyday people for free. Having played Knight back in the early beta's day and recently reactivating my account I did see the large difference and path that Knight has gone down. I would keep a eye on it and perhaps even give it a trial run. It's one of them games where a small cult following will surely always be.

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Update - I apologize for the quickness and grammical error's in the Knight Online review. I have had to work a 12 hour day today, in doing so I uploaded that during my break. I had not had the chance to take the time to review the article for such things. I promise further updates will not be as sloppy.

Also to answer the 4 PM's I recieved.

-Yes, I am looking for members to play the MMO's. If you'd like to help leave a email address or if you're a regular of the board just leave a post and i'll get back to you with one of the games off the list for you to look into

- The scalling system is based off of this.
A = Fantastic, can't get any better than this
B = Did a good job, solid in all aspects
C = They tried there best, and is still decent, but needs work
D = Needs alot of work, dosn't seem to be well put together
F = Fails as a game, barely anything worth touching

- I will be posting MMO's that are paid for ..

Look for a FFXI and Silk Road Online review either tonight or tomorrow evening...

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propaganda ....

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I've recieved alot messages and even a email or two asking me what's up. Why havn't I updated. I apologize. I have the FFXI, WoW, Silkroad, & even Monster Hunter articles almost completely done. Except, for some minor editing and screenshot taken issues. They will be uploaded soon. I promise.

I was working 12 hour days and got into a very bad car wreck. Since, then i've lost some of my motivation for awhile. I didn't feel like focusing on getting things done. I do apologize. Things will pick up soon. Again, very sorry.

Also, again if anyone would like to help write some of the reviews, with the list of mmo's i have. just contact me. it's always appreicated.
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