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Zelda64 The Ocarina Of time.

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I just got this game, and I heard that it works perfectly on PJ64.
However, when I run it, I got a lot of graphic glitches.

Here are a few problems:
One of my "hearts" is missing.
Link become transparency.
The menu screen tooks about 5 seconds to show up.

I use Jabo's D3D6 plugin, can someone please help me out?
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what are your settings on the plugin that youre using?
mines are all on default, and i dont experiance any problems except the menu taking a long time to show up and a bug in the menu screen. But these are known problems but the traparency biz am not sure.
man, i have this problem in nemu. all the colors are wacked!
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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