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Zelda64-OOT in-game graphics ( boss,enemies, towns,forest... )

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well, i have started to play this game since yesterday,so,i have decided to post more screentshots for this game, hope u guys like them.

If u dont like them, let me know too ;)

spec :

emu : project64
res : 800x600 16bit color
video plugin : jabo video v1.30
others : 4xfsaa
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well, he is dead...forgive me..
Great deku tree

deku tree is dead after cursed by the bad guy....
The bad guy

Yes! this is the bad guy who must be doomed in order to revenge for deku tree.
Hyrule field

This is a gorgeous location....
Hyrule field


The 2 skeletons showing on the picture will only show their faces at night.The time system in zelda64 is great!!!!!
Lon Lon Ranch

Good looking horses :)
lon Lon Ranch

another view point.
Hyrule Castle

The great castle!
Hyrule Castle

Princess Zelda is living inside!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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