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i tried search but whatever strings i use only crap turns up, and if i find a good thread there are only crap replies like yours in it

and in the faq thread there is a link referring to a thread from August 16th, 2008(and after even reading the last 3 pages u get no help at all from it)

if you reply to all threads in such an ignorant, lazy and not helping manner, i would suggest u don't reply at all
How hard is it to see and read the stickied faq at the top of the forum? It's just pure laziness imo..

Questions regarding sound in Zelda, Mario and other first party Nintendo titles are answered in both the stikied faq and several other threads..

Smash Brothers Melee works in about every revision except for some known minor texture/graphics and sound issues which shouldn't hinder the game much..
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