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zelda twilight princess

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hi, when i try to start zelda on dolphin the window turns black...specs..celeron(r)CPU 2.80 GHz 1 gb ram..FPS 15-20 sometimes lower
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Actually I'm surprised he can even get above 5 - 8 FPS especially in a game such as Twilight Princess which is known to have massive slowdown issues on even the beastliest of rigs.

Celeron just isn't going to cut it, not for Gamecube, Wii, and PS2 emulation. You haven't stated the graphics hardware you had, if it's anything less than a Nvidia Geforce 6xxx/7xxx series or ATI Radeon 1xxx/2xxx series you might as well expect to fork over a hefty sum of cash towards a new system.

The cheaper and most hassle free alternative would be to play on an actual Gamecube or Wii.
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