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Zelda 64: Ocarina of Time

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A exellent game with wicked graphics (even better when running on emulators). Here are some screenshots I took while playing.
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Here is one of Princess Zelda
This is Talon sleeping, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch.
Here are some skeletons that only come out at night.
Nice screen shots. This game is hard to beat. :)
get a n64 to pc converter and it will be much easier :)
Originally posted by ToM_E
Nice screen shots. This game is hard to beat. :)
really? I thought it was too easy, didn't take to long to beat.
I have actually beat the game on 64, so I thought I would give it a kick on the computer, Majora's Mask it good too, but the idea of the whole game being timed kinda makes it not 100% like Ocarina of Time.:yawn:
Some nice screenshots there Joe. Zelda is a cool game.
Wow, it's been a couple year's since I played Ocarina on my friend's 64 and I must say those graphics look really nice!
Here's my best try, I think 2xAA and Anisotropic Filtering (I just love saying that) are enabled on my Radeon LE.


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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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