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I'm running EPSXE 2.0 and I've got two ZD-V+ gamepads and either one plugged into the 1st USB slot (I've checked them both) work just fine: joystick and all. The second gamepad (whichever one it is- doesn't matter) plugged into the 2nd USB port has no joystick functionality. The left joystick doesn't work at all. The D Pad works just fine. It's just the joystick. What's weird is that the joystick DOES work when I'm configuring it in the emulator. It absolutely accepts the inputs. It only doesn't work during gameplay.

From what I can tell both slots are set up the exact same.

1: DirectInput
[SCPH-1150] DualAnalog [F5]

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening? I'm starting to run thin on ideas over here.
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