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Well you have to start the game first for it to load cheats, also make sure that under options I think cheats are enabled.
If all that doesn't help then you get the wrong cheat file, the cheat file name has to match the game slus region code.

Ultimately I recommend switching to Duckstation.
GitHub - stenzek/duckstation: Fast PlayStation 1 emulator for x86-64/AArch32/AArch64
Much newer and better ps1 emulator that comes with cheats already built-in, and for those that it lacks it has a cheat manager so you can add your own.
It's \Yu-Gi-Oh! - Forbidden Memories [SLUS_014.11] no luck with it working tried Duck Station but xbox controller doesn't work , sorry first time just wanted to play this game since i never beat it as a kid and i just love the old classic cards so wanted them fast.
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