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Your problem is MY freedom!

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"On Tuesday, Microsoft was granted US Patent No. 7,536,726 (it was filed in 2005) for intentionally crippling the functionality of an operating system by 'making selected portions and functionality of the operating system unavailable to the user or by limiting the user's ability to add software applications or device drivers to the computer' until an 'agreed upon sum of money' is paid to 'unlock or otherwise make available the restricted functionality.' According to Microsoft, this solves a 'problem inherent in open architecture systems,' i.e., 'they are generally licensed with complete use rights and/or functionality that may be beyond the need or desire of the system purchaser.' An additional problem with open architecture systems, Microsoft explains, is that 'virtually anyone can write an application that can be executed on the system."

Read this ****.
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Bad news for you, But good news for me. As for the EULE, It can kiss our asses.
Can someone explain to gamefreak why not updating windows is foolish in terms he'll understand? I seem to be failing.
I've never updated my OS, And i'm using the newest WLM...
What's the useful thing about updating the OS?, Security loopholes?..bull****. I'm using Kaspersky the full security internet + Firewall. Improves the Performance?. Give me a break. Btw, I can Update Pirated Xp or vista..but no use of it.
Not all updates are helpful some are quite a bloat it depends on internet conection, system config, but i wouldnt go as far to say that all are useless, some are useful i for one carefully select which updates to apply which not.
If you go scuba diving, and you buy the most expensive equipment ever, with the best of everything humanly imaginable... but your air tank has a leak, are you any safer? Not really. By the time you'll need anything else you'd already be dead.

Same logic if you don't update. If you're not going to let Microsoft see your computer and fix it, than you're letting the rest of the world into it. Your choice - the professionals, or the hackers. Pretty obvious choice if you ask me...

How could you said that example?. As GF said if you got the newest version of XP, you will never need any updates, I don't know about Vista updates, but xp doesn't need any security updates. Kaspersky full Security + Firewall all the way:)
Btw when i say internet connection i mean that some isp's exploit a bug in Windows and you get a win32 generic host error, which pretty much f... up windows (dont know probably something with the signal oO) you need to update to get rid of it.
I was having this damn issue back then when i using my Mobile as Modem.
Well, I prefer to buy my Windows copy, get all the updates, so that I can run my PC with a free anti virus like Avira without risk. That's much cheaper than their expensive annual fees too ;)
Good point there..really.
Kapersky was the worst system hog since MCAfee btw, needed to turn it off before gaming, otherwise I'd have severe stuttering in Unreal Engine 3 games.
Please don't compare Kaspersky with Mcafee, Mcafee Worst. AV software. Ever. Made. (Norton comes secondly here :lol:).
Btw, I agree with you on this..But no problem if you pause it :)
GF isn't typically known for being correct in these matters. ALL operating systems have bugs and security vulnerabilities. No exception. Microsoft will never fix all the exploits, that's almost impossible. All they can do is try to keep them patched as they get discovered by the community. This is a perpetual process, it doesn't end until MS simply cuts off support for the operating system due to age. OSX and Linux are no exception to this either. And that's just for security holes. There's always bugs to be fixed as well.

You may not think it important because if your OS corrupts it's not that big a deal to you to reinstall. But don't say XP doesn't need security updates. If you were using XP in a business with IT staff worth half a ****, weekly updates would be mandatory.
Yes. With all the respect to your opinion, But Updated version of XP SP2 doesn't need security updates(IF you have awesome security protection software) , Specially XP SP3.
He uses it better than you can and ever will ..............
:lol: I fight alone in the sig??

and fullstop is used like this. not this .
First whats so funny about it.

Second Don't try to teach me grammar "child".
This "child" will knock you out with one punch little "punk". Second you know how to use a fullstop now, good for you. :thumb:
Be nice kids to each other or i'll kick you in the teeth.
Yes, it DOES need security updates. New exploits are always being found. You're placing far too much trust in 3rd party software to keep up-to-date on new threats, and you're also assuming that all threats are viruses.
Koko remember that error i was talking about with the internet connection ? guess what fixed it ? Security Updates

On a side-note, a router would act as a great hardware firewall and greatly reduce threat from Remote Administration Tools......unless they've been programmed with reverse IP.
Hardware Firewall isn't meant for regular user.
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