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Player-X said:
I need your opinion on a few programs

Which one is better as a BT client in terms of speed and resource usage Azeurus or bitlord?

Is Skype a good voice chat program?
Don't use Bitlord. It is a rip-off of a beta version of Bitcomet with changed icons. I hate these *******s who claim others hardwork as their own, and not giving any credit to the real author at all, there is no reference of Bitcomet in their site. So if you are going for Bitlord, use Bitcomet instead, although its latest build has the "torrent search" function left out.

No comment on the other two softwares you mentioned, since I have not touched them.

EDIT: I have been using Bitcomet, loving it too. ;)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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