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You play kof series? Got a question.

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I would like to know about the configuration of ur controller.

1) A B C

2) A B C

3) A B C D

4) A B
---C D

which one u use? none of the above?

Gernerally, i know how to use 1, 2 and 4. The third one just drive me nut. For all of the above, i prefer to use the first setting, how about u?
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sorry, but I do not entirely understand how I'm supposed to look at it
A = low punch

B = low kick

C = high punch

D = high kick


Y<--joystick----- O O O <--- button

-------------------O O O


for example 1:




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I use setting no. 4

I sometimes use
as well.
my pad doesnt allow me to use much different settings btw...
it has 4 buttons on the front, and shoulder buttons, but I never use those in fighting games.
i use abcd i'm comfortable w/ it :evil:

it's the best , now a other question how do i make correct Macro , like the Galactica Phantom for Ralf (KoF 2000) or the power gyser of Terry (also 2000) ?
The 3rd one... always! Since NeoRage... ABCD r0x :) and it's just like the arcade ;)
...I also use the 3rd configuration - I'm very effective with it. I use my keyboard by the way - maybe the more "compact" configurations (like No4) feel more natural to gamepad users.

Regarding to what Zell said: I have also tried configuring the macros in winkawaks for KoF games, with no luck. It seems KoF uses a somewhat diffirent timing than the street fighter series...
To be more specific, I tried it with KoF '96 (I always wanted to be able to pull off Geese's Raging Storm at the press of a button !! - almost all the other specials & supers are pretty easy to pull off manually...)
me toooooooo 3 option is the best I think hehe
abcd hehe now for my pc kof2000, I'm using asdf hehe,
that abcd is cool easy to use the escape,striker and guard mode
Can anyone tell me some web page where I can learn how to play this game?!?! The game is awsome but to difficult and I can't do many tricks... Anyone?
Hi Metalmurphy. Why don't you try good old gamefaqs ? You'll most certainly find a KoF2000 faq there, all moves, specials, supers, tricks e.t.c.
If you're into this sort of games (beat'em ups) you'll soon discover that capcom & SNK games (KoF, street fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival schools, Fatal Fury, etc.) are easier to play because there is almost always a "pattern" in the moves (based on the legendary street fighter). That is, if you perform a "qcf + punch" with some characters, a special move will probably come out. This is unlike games like mortal kombat, tekken, & virtua fighter where the specials are extremely random for every character (i.e. there is no "pattern" used - you'll just HAVE to read a manual or see some guy play the game, to learn anything...)
I always try to use my numeric pad in for every emulator. Only go to other keys if the numpad is not supported. I use something like this:


Which are:


Pad buttons are up=w, down=s, back=a, fow=d. That's how I use it. :)
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i have hidden ST trick

when choose ST, press up left left left right right right down.. ST will change, this work following:

Well that's easy !! And they are "Maniac Strikeres"
I use
like in the NGCD pad

the arcade in my place uses
which is hard to use in a gamepad IMO

for good kof 99,200,2001 resource(moves combos) go to kofonline
Originally posted by aoshi
I use
like in the NGCD pad
Same here:)
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