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Yet Another Lunar Silver Star Story Problem

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Heres my problem I have tried everyone of petes plugins with the lunar fix turned on,and have used both 1.60 and version 1.5.2 of EPSXE and when i go into the menu and return to the game the screen still goes black.Could someone plz help me id really appreciate it.
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get PSXEVEN, no fix needed. Works 100% fine!

EDIT : aaaand since PSXEVEN decided to crash on me after telling you to use it, I'll also tell you that, if you want to keep epsxe, you probably didn't enable the 'special game fixes' (you need to enable both the fix, and the 'special game fixes' box. IIRC, epsxe doesn't run lunar 100% fine even with the fix, though...

You should probably try psxeven anyway. Maybe it will decide not to crash on you.
Thank you i feel kinda embarrased for not enabling the fixes problem solved.again thank you very much. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
The game not working was really making me mad because i played all the way through Lunar Silver Star Story b4 using EPSXE and had no problems with it.I cant believe i forgot to check the box that enables the fixes.
appollo147 said:
I cant believe i forgot to check the box that enables the fixes.
OMG :rotflmao:
well, crap happens. im sure he learned his lesson by now :rolleyes:
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