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Originally posted by mecharmor23
The good news is Final Fantasy 9 seems to be working perfectly with lewpy's plugin. However the swirl effects and alpha multipass seems to lag it down a bit. This is where the dilemma cuts in.... cpu or video card??? is swirl effect and alpha multipass purely software?? if FBR and alpha multipass is hardware then
My economic plan is to get a $60 voodoo5 and wait 10 months or so for the Geforce3 to go below $170.

my system info once again:
AMD athlon K7V 800mhz
50x cd drive (although I run via ISO)
20 GB harddrive
16 MB voodoo3 2000
creative labs sound blaster live value

problem? with alpha multipass and swirl effect on, short pauses occur and fps difference is 10-15 which lasts about 2 secounds kinda annoying though.......
Strange... my system is almost identical to yours, and I don't get any major FPS changes in the Swirl effects... Can you post your plugin configuration please?

[]s Badaro
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