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Yet another FF7 Problem

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This problem isn't really important since there are savetates implemented in ePSXe but may be someone can help me...
Here's the problem: When starting FF7 there is this Screen saying that burning is bad (mine is an original one, of course). In this Screen the Framerate goes really down (about 25 FPS). When the Screen dissappears the FPS go to 50 FPS again. The next Screen (something about Squaresoft presents or so) is even worse (18 FPS). Just these two Screens are this slow. It takes several minutes until I can see the menu asking me about begin a new game or load an old one.
Because I don't want to wait so long I have to use the savestates. This skips these to slow screens goes directly to where I made the savestate. But I don't want to use the savestates any longer. I feel like a cheater when using them (I don't know why but I do).
I'm using Pete's OpenGL 1.52 on a PII300 with 192 MB RAM and an ATI Rage128.
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