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This great plugin fixed it yeah!!!

Now the games runs and plays really nice with Pete's latest soft plugin.

It does hang up on me when loading a save state though. It loaded fine the first 2 save states, but when I saved it a third time it hangs the emu 2 secs after loading the state. mmmmm

also I tried using Pec 1.41 and some cheats. The official gameshark codes did not work. Some unofficial codes did work but caused problems. I tried infinite lives and I had 99 lives. When i died the the emu crashed and crashed my PC. The 99 hearts code screws up too. I can't go up or down stairs.

The only one that seem to work fine without causing problems is the one that modifies the item you are holding.

I will try Pec 1.2b tomorrow and see if it works better.
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