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Yepeee.....Creative Launches the Drivers of Audigy and Live for Windows XP

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At last, after a long wait they are here......!

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Humm, at least I have one less motive to not upgrade to XP now.
Say, the Home version of XP is much different from the Corporate?
Okay... I'll check their website. Although it will be difficult to know what's the difference with all that propaganda
You know, "this windows let's you do this" "this windows let's you do that", unreal things. I should had said advertising?
Originally posted by Ali
but one thing that is good about winXP is that it is stable.........Remeber that FPSE used to crash when configuring.......with winXP it doesn' more crashed dear.....!

Hmm, on Win2k it doesn't crash either. As XP has almost the same core of 2k, I wouldn't be surprised.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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