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gerihutchins said:
Hello, i wanted to ask what are the requisites of the pcsx2 emulator... cause i put the resident evil code verónica x... and when i put file=run cd... my pc crashes and i have to restart it... i put enable console and the window says: bios version 1.60 could not find rom. Maybe my pc is too tiny for the emulator??? I would like to know the requisites.
Well, for starters, it'd be a good idea to tell us what kind of system you're using (CPU, RAM, video card, etc...) just so we have an idea what you're working with.;) Regardless, no matter what kind of PC you have, certain games just aren't going to work yet. Your best bet would be to read the configuration guide and try different settings. If it still doesn't work, chances are, that game just won't work yet.
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