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Yeah I got "scammed"

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I remember when I started my DS4free site i got nothing but discouragement from everyone... Everyone i talked to and their mother called it either a prymaid scheme or a scam. I finally got all the refferals I needed 3 days ago and finally got my cash today. So I wonder whos the sucker now?
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Hmm, what exactly is a DS4Free site?
Its a site made by the company OfferCentric
They are using what is Basically a new method of marketing
Using tempting rewards such as Games, laptops, psps, the nintendo DS
and various amounts of cash they get people like me to sign up for their site
and complete an offer from one of their advertisers
EX: person A wants a free psp. He signus up for and signs up for a free trial of "super slim"

Then you have refer a number your friends or others to signup for the site and do an offer. The better the gift the more firends you must refer. A ds only takes 4 refferals but a 3.0ghz laptop takes 18 refferals. Its ingenious :D
But it IS a pyramid... just because SOME people get something doesn't make it not a pyramid. The last to join will get nothing :???: (kind of like the stock market a few years ago)
Not to mention the number of spammed forums :p
Well, it sounds interesting, but it's really a Pyramid scheme. Only those who get in early will get something. If you do the math, you'll still see that the majority of participants will get nothing in the end.

But let me see one thing, how much these "offers" cost?
very few offers are actually free to do
the "free trials" have shipping fees that must be paid usually between 5-7 dollars
Hmm... so for a Nintendo DS (around $150?) 4 people + yourself (5 people total) has to take offers summing up to $150... which means each person has to sign up for about six $5 offers.
How many offers do you have to sign up for?
I only had to signup for 1 offer and each of my refferals only have to do 1 as well
Right. To quote site rules

Emuforums is a spam free forum. This includes member posted advertisements, cons, and pyramid schemes. All spam threads will be removed immediately and without prior consultation. For a more detailed definition of what we consider as spam, please see the "What do you mean by "spam?" entry in the faq.
Furthermore, to quote what I said the last time:

This looks like a pyramid scheme to me, which are not permitted on these forums. Personally I do not care if it is legit or not (and I seriously doubt that it is, even if you may think so). By placing this on our forum we can be held liable should your "scheme" go pearshaped.
For these reasons, I am closing this thread. Finally, as this is the third recorded note against your account, you've also earned a 1 week ban.
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