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Yay! New Computer!

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Finally! I get a better computer then this peice of crap! Heres my cool new specs! ^_^

1.2g Athelon
8x4x32 CD-RW
256mb SDRAM
32mb TNT2 Card ( keeping my current card )

Yay, I finally get rid of this old peice of crap ^_^ :D :D :D :D :D
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Not bad. My new computer is also very similar to that. Although, ahem, it's Athlon, not Athelon. Unless you're using some generic knockoff or something. ;)
Damn, I knew I would spell somthing wrong like always. Oh well, :p I can't wait! *crys because of the greatness compared to his current machine*
If you have the resources it would be a good idea to get a Geforce 3 around december/january. That's when the next generation of GF3 will be out.
Yeah, I wish I could get a GeForce 3, maybe where they are 150$ or less.... ;) Untill then or untill everyone uses GeForce 3 to it's potential in the games. Or untill all my friends have it ;)
I'm thinking wether i'll buy console or buy new pc i'm really impressed at the x-box dunno wether a GHz PC\GeForce 3 or X-box i'll wait a little bit coz xbox price will be too cheap comparing to buy new peripherals for pc
xbox tentative price 299.9 USD
GameCube is as good as the Xbox(if not even better)and cheaper.
Word up Razel!


I am not going to let microsoft into my entertianment life... MS is in my schooling, my work, and i will be damed if they will invade my console gamming...

But with that said, the xbox might be better than i give it credit for... But the GameCube is gonna take the motherload of all grand prizes...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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