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Yabuse DC 0.07

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Hey, does anyone know if this emulator can play any games on the Dreamcast well or not? And, how do u get the emulator to load on the dreamcast by the way? No one seems to help me.
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It can currently only partially run the BIOS correctly. Lemme look up the page for you and tell you for sure.
oh ok then, thanks, i am waiting. But how do u get it to load on the Dreamcast? can someone give me a link to tell me? Please.
It's a port of the PC version of the emulator, so it won't run anything more than that.

Yabause [ jaboz ] n. Acronym for Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator.

Yes, we know that "uncomplete" doesn't exist. Please bear with our poor knowledge of the english language :p
Is it possible to get the source code of SSF (latest version) and Yabuse, combine them together, so Yabuse will will have the playable content of SSF (latest version) and will play on the Dreamcast. I know it requires alot of C++ skills, but is it possible for it to happen? and maybe to improve the quality of it, like to frame rate and to be enchanced like the ePSXe emulator, even though the Saturn is a very complax console to handle. But anyone tell me if it can be done? or is anyone willing to it aswell since i came up with the idea?
You could try to email the Emu author, or wait for someone with a little more knowledge to reply, for I don't have a clue, but my feeling tells me it's hard to just copy the code and mix it. But they might be able to learn from each other's source codes to speed up the whole coding process.
Emu aurthor? where? were can i get contact of these people to all look at my idea and from your suggestion.??????
Anyone? im sure it is possible.
Did you try looking looking for it on the webpages of the emus? :p Seriously though, if the authors wanted to make their work a collaborative project I'm sure they would've done so already. Yabuse is an open source project, so programmers that know any useful code they submit to it will probably be used. Also, there's the issue of SSF's author only speaking japanese, which makes doing a project with english speaking people kinda tough.

Ok, now look Oalboukharey, I think you've really missed the point here. You've been posting various ideas you've had on cool stuff to do for the Dreamcast for a while now. Some of your ideas have had merit, and others not so much. But regardless, you haven't seemed to realize the reason none of the things you're suggesting have or ever will be do. Well I'll spell it out for you. The real reason is, so far no one has had the skills, patience, desire, and most importantly time to do them. You don't have to like it, but the truth of the matter is all the great ideas in the world are useless if left unimplemented.

So, what are you going to do about it? You can either give up right now, and quit posting ideas that by now you must realize would've already been thought of and done before if it were feasible. Or, you can go out there and learn a little bit about the things you're suggesting people do, and figure out if they're practical, and how to implement them yourself. For instance, you want a better Saturn emulator for the Dreamcast? Well as I said Yabuse is an open source project, meaning anyone can read it's code and sumbit new code to be used in it. Even you. If you want it to get better, go out there and make it happen. Otherwise, quit wasting people's time.
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