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Sega Saturn emulator for Windows has been updated recently. Changes:
software video core:
- Added line scroll emulation.
- Improved user clipping.
- Added some basic vertical scroll emulation, enough to get Sonic Jam working.
gtk port:
- Gtk port is now compiling on Mac OS X.
- Fixed full software screenshots.
- Fixed store function in transfer dialog.
windows port:
- Added 12 player support.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the memory transfer dialog to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".
- Fixed bugs in Goto Address dialog.
- Fixed a bug that was causing the vdp2 viewer dialog to register the wrong filename after pressing "Browse".
- Added MD saving in SCU DSP debug dialog.
- Added new Ram Watch dialog.
- Added video recording feature.
- Added move recording feature.
- Added Lithuanian translation.
- New sound core using OpenAL.
- Added joystick core for Mac OS X.
- Added a joystick core for Linux.
- Added a PSP port.
- Added support for loading ELF binaries.
- Now using gettimeofday when available for better resolution.
- Added code to make SCSP emulation frame-accurate (optional, enabled with --enable-scsp-frame-accurate configure switch).
- Added a new 68000 emulation core.
- Fixed save states.
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