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That's fine, the Saturn forum sounds like a good place to discuss Saturn emulation.

With all the recent developments, I'm surprised there isn't more activity here. Or is the Saturn as unpopular post mortem as it was during it's life span?

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Borisz said:
I'd think it's more likely because there are really no universal saturn emulators out there. SSF is good but needs a hulking cpu for good speeds and doesn't even start on older machines, yabause/satourne/saturnin are just on the edge of being playable, and of course there's the whole Girigiri/cassini fiasco.
True, but then again all you need is a title screen of a PS2 game and hundreds of people begin foaming at the mouths.

The reasons for this are obvious, but it still seems like the progress of Saturn emulation has gone mostly unnoticed. I know I didn't realize any emulators were as far along as these are until only recently, when I heard that SSF had NiGHTS running with a degree of playability.

cyclonmaster said:
I can't configure my video setting, sound setting and input setting. I only own saturn bios and backup ram file. Don't have mpeg rom file and catridge rom file. Do I need it to configure. But the game(Shining Force III) run perfectly. Only can't config input.
The text doesn't include any instructions on configuration, so I don't believe there is anything implemented to date. The controls posted from the readme are:


Here are the current key mappings(they may be subject to change):
Up arrow Up
Left arrow Left
Down arrow Down
Right arrow Right
k A button
l B button
m C button
u X button
i Y button
o Z button
x Left Trigger
z Right Trigger
j Start button
q Quit program
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