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Long version: I've been having a problem in Devil May Cry 3 for PC(patched to 1.3) where my left analogue stick on my gamepad will only move Dante left/right when I move the stick up/down, and the right analogue stick moves him forward/backward when I move it left/right. So I opened the little gamepad config included in the patch and set it to reverse the sticks(left act as right, right act as left). Now I'm able to get my right stick to move Dante properly. So I figure if I simply go into XPadder and make it think my left stick is the right, and the right is the left then it should work perfectly. But no, when I go into the game it does nothing(also tried it in Fahrenheit and in Project64 on my laptop, so it's not one game or computer doing it). I tried setting the left stick to WASD, which worked but doesn't give me the control I'd get from proper analogue movement. I also tried using various older versions, but to no avail.

Short version: Any analogue stick settings(besides mapping to key presses) I make in XPadder don't take effect in games.

Thanks for taking the time to read my mess of text.

Edit: Oh, and I've searched google quite a bit. It looks like I'm the only one in the world to have this problem(or probably the only one wanting to change the analogue sticks).
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