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XP upgrade install / Repair install

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When I do upgrade or repair install, sometimes it works and sometime I can't get into Windows... computer just restarts during the loading screen with the Windows flag :( What's going on?

I installed XP like 20 times in a week trying out nlite because of the restarting thing happens most of the time :( Had to do a new install after a repair install...
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Seeing yours problem, I suggest that you better start with a new clean formatted drive to install windows xp, lol. Try formatting(full erase) your drive and do clean install.
I know clean install works, but I was trying to figure out how to make repair/upgrade installation work too :( It seems to work at random...
I'd never do a upgrade/ many problem with it alone, just put the xp disk and install that, you don't need to install (say windows 98) first to install an upgrade. All windows will do is ask you for the original 98 disk and then it will continue to use the xp disk.
The repair installation feature is crap. I used it once and it mess my windows installation even more. Don't use it because you didn't know what is going on behind the process. It might introduce more problem than it fix.
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