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XP Compatiblity Mode

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Just from a technical standpoint I was wondering what the run in compatiblity mode does for windows xp. I cant believe it actually loads another OS's kernel. Thats just not believable. Does it strip down some of the XP kernel for that program (disable features) if so does anyone know specifics? I realize no one in here write code for MS but just theoretically.

I love to gain useless information.
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compatibility mode sucks

The only thing that compatibility mode allows to do is run those program which asks for windows version before executing, making them belive that they are running under another OS.
It also fix some memory access permissions which are allowed under Win98 but not under a NT based system like windows xp.

It doesn't load another kernel.....dou you really belive that microshit's programers could do that for us??
dual booting

Dual Booting is the best solution aviable to solve compatibility problems, but I'll recommend you to use it only for those programs which have problems to run under your primary OS. Don't overload both OS with programs because, for most of them, you'll have to install them twice if you want to use them.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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