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its jes temporary (till the end of december), and jes in the main page ;) here's what if says if ur interested :D


Welcome to my Photoshop site!
This is where i upload all my Photoshop (and not only) stuff. Here you can find from wallpapers to logos, various nutz stuff and even a winamp skin. I really hope you like what you see here, so untill i get a decent guestbook u can mail me with your critics, suggestions, ideas, dunno... whatever you want :)
And last but not least, thkx a lot to Wormie who was kind enough to host me. Thank you m8 :)
Pay him a visit at his homepage.

Have Fun!

---------[ L A S T U P D A T E ]---------
Date: 12/14/2001
From now all uploaded WPs will be 1024*768
Added 2 NGemu Wallpapers
And Merry Xmas everyone!!!


1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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