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For those that dont know what this is, here's a quote from the website

"Xfire is a free gaming tool that automatically keeps track of when and where gamers are playing PC games online and lets their friends join them easily. It doesn't matter which online game your friends are playing, which server browser they are using, or which gaming service they're playing on; Xfire is intelligent enough to recognize where your friends are at any time."

I highly recomend this, its light on your comp, nice interface, and damn its usefull, it supports TONS of games (only one that doesnt detect on my comp is PoP2, it suports everything else), both multiplayer and single player, it lets you join the server where your friends are playing with just one click, it shows all the info about that server as well. I highly recomend you guys use it. In case you decide to use it (or already are using it) share here you usernames so we can add each other

You can check what games it currently supports here:

but new games are added constently.

mine is metalmurphy

You can get it here:
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