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hello ppl i just sign up the forums.. hope you'll welcome me here in your forums :).. anywayz..

i need help regarding this error that pops out in my screen,

Im now in DISC 2....during this part

after that this error pops out

* I tried doing this Options but still the error pops out

Running ISO (i use Alcohol 120%)
Running CD-ROM
Tried 98 & XP
Tried other comps or notebook
Windowed or Fullscreen
Used cheats / without cheats
Run previous saved game in memory card, but during that part still pops out
If savestats still the error pops out

I have no problems in DISC 1 it works fine

Pete's OpenGL Driver 1.75 ( Default settings in Config )
Pete's DSound Audio Driver 1.15

My frame rate is doing fine i could reach 150+ FPS windowed or fullscreen

Thanks if someone helps..

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bsnes, ePSXe
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save states are sketchy, just post your memory card save and have someone pass it (not me i dont have xenogears :p ).

oh yeah, and stop asking in every thread you go to ;)

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Glory, avoid double posting. If you forgot something and need to add it, edit your post using the edit button located on the lower right corner of everyone of your posts.
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