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Xenogears - weird problem

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I'm playing Xenogears using Delta set of configs... I have a problem on disc 1, in the Bart's Hideout level. Bart says that I have to go to Gear hangar and speak with the mechanic. I go to hangar, but... there are no Gears oO They "disappear" when Yggdrasil reaches the Hideout, I think... I used savestates while playing, then - after discovering this problem - I played the game ONCE MORE using only memcards, but there are still no Gears and screen with the mechanic (I have to speak with him to advance in the game) does not load. Is this emu's fault, iso's or the Gears are really in different place? :D Maybe someone has savestate after talk with the mechanic...
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are you checking on the yggdrasil? There's a place in the hideout where the gears are, and IIRC you can find the mechanic there with Fei's gear... I can't think of how to get there off the top of my head, but i'm pretty sure you use an elevator where the yggdrasil is stationed.. but i don't think it's the one that goes to the living quarters.

If this is where you are checking, then check the yggdrasil?
You can check out a FAQ on GameFAQs and see what exactly you are supposed to do.
Heh, I've found it, Weltall was moved to ANOTHER hangar, which I didn't notice earlier... :emb: The Gear sprites were missing from the huge hangar and I thought it's emu's or iso's fault... :emb:

Thanks for help and sorry for bothering you ^__^'
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