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The sound is playing much too slowly when the frame rate is set to automatic w/ frame rate limits. If I set the limit to 100, it plays slightly faster but not fast enough. If I remove the limit, it plays much too fast. It doesn't seem to matter which plugin I use, but here they are:

Pete's GPU - D3D7 (1.50)
ePSXe's SPU - (1.40)

and my machine should certainly be capable of running the ePSXe at an acceptable speed, right?

CPU: Athlon 950 MHz
RAM: 256 MB PC133 @ 133
Video: ATI Radeon 32 MB DDR
Sound: SBLive!
HDD: Maxtor UDMA/100 @ UDMA/66 what gives?

Thanks for your time,
- null_pointer

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Try using Iori's sound plugin.
The new version works very well.
Solved all the problems i was having with
FF7 sound glitches when i used Petes Dsound.
I tried the built in sound once......
it made my speakers scream.....
I use Pete's D3D 1.50 too....i noticed
if you set the framerate yourself to 60 frames,
and Use FPS limit, it is much better behaved...
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