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Xenogears save needed

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Does anyone have either a memcard file or an ePSXe savestate in the prison just before Fei's first Gear vs. Gear battle? I would perfer a memcard file if at all possible.

One thing - if it's a save state, I need one before the vs. screen is displayed.

In case anyone is wondering, I'm trying to see if my first disc is dead, as it freezes my PS2 at that exact point every time. (BTW, this is using a legit copy of the game)

Also, if this belongs in a different forum, feel free to move it :)
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hmm, I don't have the save state on me, but I have played through Xenogears on my PS2, and I had no problems with freezing or anything. So it could be your first disc.
Did you try
I checked there earlier and it doesn't look like there's a save at that spot.
No they don't. I was also pointed to a FAQ there that had links to memcard images. No dice there either.
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