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xenogears runs too fast

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hi, I want to run xenogears in software mode but it just runs way too fast, the other plugins run way too slow, any way to slow down the game in software mode?

my system specs are as follows

amd athlon t-bird 1.4 ghz
256 megs ddr ram
geforce 2 64 mb ddr
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have you tried the frame rate limiting option?
if you are using petes, you can set it to 60
That worked

That worked, thanx .
Geez, doesn't anybody ever play around with plug-in options/read documentation anymore??? It seems to me like there have been a rash of frameskipping enabling questions lately.
I think people just don't read documentation, period. :(
I don't even see how it is "easier" to post here for the answer either! Sigh, oh well, so much for my weekly rant about such things.
I got sick of that about 100 posts ago... ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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