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Xenogears problem(spoiler)

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Hi I at disk 2 first time fighting Deus, and at first everything is working fine, but when he tries to cast sth on any of my men( don't know what), the game half stops as the camera zooms into the gear being attacked: as in the music is still playing, the gear is still "breathing," but deus just freezes......
I later used an ISO of Xenogears and still have this problem.
I'm just wondering if anything can be done.
My specs:
Windows XP pro
ePSXe :1.4.00
GPU plugin: Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.53
CD: iso
CPU:Tbird 1.2Ghz
GPU: geforce 2 pro
If it is not my comp but the emulator, what can I do to fix this error?
Thkz in advance
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That is normal. Just save state everytime you give a command to one of your man, and then if it hang, just load the saved state. I think he just got an attack that will hang epsxe.
As for me, I can't simply save in save point in the game.

I can read 'Save failed, try again' each time !!!
bertram: have you tried pressing F4 before saving?
I'll try ! I guess it's a a kind of function that format a memory card for the game or something like that ...

Should have read the readme more carefully though.

Thanks Ryos ...

this is a common problem. I hear u can also switch to another emu (if it wont freeze) then return once you've passed the freezing point.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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