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Xenogears Problem HEEEELLP!!!

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In Xenogears, right at the part where Fei sees some memories of his mother and him playing with a ball, the game seems to drop to like 1FPS. The strange thing is, when I show the FPS it says 59.9.
So, I was wondering, is the huge slow down supposed to happen or is it the emulator or ISOs fault?
Help will be appreciated. :D

My specs are

GPU: Petes D3D DX7
SPU: Null2's
I use an ISO two.
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so....u can't beat the game without a PSOne?
:( So, is there an other emu that takes save state. I have the same problem.
Or, using vers 1.1.0/1.2.0 would it help
is there an other emu that takes epsxe save states?
Not right now,maybe FPSE will have ePSXe savestates support in the future(or maybe their own system).
looks like i have to wait version 1.4.0 to play xeno :)
Go to a save state near a real in-game save point and save the game, then use memory card converter and get past that part on vgs. Lastly, do a regular save on vgs, convert and play more on epsxe. hope all this makes sense. :)
i can't, i used my save state just before the cut scene
i got through this part with epsxe 1.4, as a matter of fact, i played almost all the game with epsxe.(i started playing with epsxe 1.2 wich freezed at the begining in some parts, but after the second half of the first cd i never had to change emus!
IT doesn't block against deus in the final battle!!!!!
But this part however is tricky, make sure you have a savestate just before this part and keep eventually goes through the scene without any freezes.
if you have any other questions ask!
BTW i loved the game! great ending!!!!( although i hated the final maze before getting to deus)
Geo,it's not in the Final battle that it freezes against Deus,it's when your inside the Eldridge(the ship we see in the opening sequence),and that you fight him that it freezes.
thanks for clearing that up, but it didn't freezed at that point either....(not quite sure) but anyways, i had haerd of that prob with this game and i got gamehack....i managed to find out the bosses HP, so if the game freezed i would make sure that the boss went down with just one blow!, that wasn't necessary though....
Geo, what settings for ePSXe did you use to make Xenogears run so good?
Hi everybody,
once I saw a post that claimed that Xenogears would work well if you selected the "Change Disc" option in epsxe when it freezes(without taking out the CD, of course).
It's supposed to do some kind of reset of the CDROM system that pushes it past those errors...
This isn't my idea and I haven't even tried it, but I though it might help some of you...
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