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Xenogears pitch problems.

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I downloaded ePSXe 1.6.0 to play Xenogears on the computer.

I have the following plugins for it.
- gpuPete3D3
- gpuPeteDX6D3D
- gpuPeteOpenGL
- spuNull2Mixer
- spuPeopsDSound
- spuPeteMidas

Now the video is fine and I think the correct FPS for Xenogears is 50, but the sound is just totally messed up.

Null2 and DSound were skipping, but the sound was mostly correct. Midas has no skipping, but the sound is off. The exact problem seems to be pitch, because the ladies in the beginning movie sounded like men and the captain sounded like a super base. And this is with the settings for the Midas plug-in given on the ePSXe website.

Can anyone reccommend a different sound plug-in for Xenogears or tell me the correct configuration so that I can hear this right?
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just make an ISO, that eliminates the CD reading problem.
really Mr. Killjoy? i helped my friend set it up today on his computer, and he showed me some of the beginning of the game, everything ran perfectly.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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