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Xenogears in VGS

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I recently purchased this program off ebay.

It works well for me most of times but in Xenogears the sound is very strange. Some channels are missing and other times for example teh engine noice is louder than the music :p

I tryed to do Xenogears in ePSXe to get past this but i cant get FMVs to work in ePSXe with the game so it dont work at all there as i already posted on the ePSXe board. So my last hope now is to hear if anyone have had a similar sound problem and maybe have solved it that can give me a pointer or two. Im using version 1.3.

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My opinion

Hi there.
I have finished Xenogears using VGS without any serious emulation problems. If you experienced any problem using VGS 1.3, maybe you should try using VGS 1.41 instead. In my opinion, the game is very playable using VGS. However, late in the game, there are certain spot that you should watch out, as the game sometimes crash in certain battle (for example the battle with Deus). If that happens, I suggest you convert your memory card to other emulator format (ex. Bleem! or ePSXe) and play it through the problemed part, then switch back to VGS. Hope that will help.
Good luck playing Xenogears.
Use vgs 1.4.1 and the newer games.txt. The sounds are better (but not perfect). And in the battle with Deus, if you keep trying (MANY times), the game will not crash.
Yeah, if you're strong enough to kill him with a few hits and he doesn't try to play with your other party members (the game only doesn't crash if his attacks are only for the main caracter; i.e., he doesn't have to turn around)
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