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xenogears control problem...Wierd huh?

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Now i've this problem with my lovley game xenogears

You know when your charters talk u can press the the X pottom a couple of time to pass on & incress the speed of which the text is being writen....Not any more with me which is the wirdest thing.

Now i've tested it on legend of legaia & it works just fine So can any one here help me get past this?

I know it's strange but please help.

Thanx in advance.

& ahh by the way i'm using the pete's dx6 d3d driver 1.75 on the Epsx version 1.6.0 & the game runs perfect for me.
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try to remove FPS limit while those dialogues with shortcuts :)
I tried to remove the FPS limit from the vido configration it self but no use....Also the game itself runs extremly fast now.

Isn't it something related to the controlls?
Perhaps, see if can set the message speed.
Be sure to limit the fps.
you probably had understood me wrong... you should remove FPS limit only when you want to... let's say 'skip' dialogues. not for whole time (I don't know if I'm right now... because I don't remamber... but when you are in game (and using Petes GFX plugins) press delete button go to fps limit, and turn it off).
ok i know what do you mean now but.....You know during the time you play rpgs in it u somehow come across a long boring dialog so you start pressing the X bottom in order to acclerate the the text....Now if i used the FPS removal all the game not only the text speed will be fast....Which isn't quite the thing that i want.

Also the game dosn't support message speed options.....

Sorry if i'm a bother in this & Thanx for your answers.

Also the game used to have this rapied X pressing future but i think i ****ed it up or something.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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