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Hello guys,
so first of all i'm very new to PS emulators so excuse me for every silly question i have ^^'
Why i started with XEBRA? Cause someone said to me it would be the best PSone emu so far...
After testing some ISOs i loaded a shitload of games, also the wonderfull Submarine Commander.
And here starts the trouble: Starting SubCom was fine, intro screen and menue worked fine.
But as i pushed 'New Game' it starts searching for a memory card (wich should be there by default as XEBRA manual said) but gives me a message 'Not formatted'. And the Game needs one free slot on a memory card to start.
So everything was ok to find out, the manual gave me a good start up to get XEBRA working but how to set up the memory cards right i found nothing in the depth of the web.
So if anyone could help me and bring some light in the dark of the memory card setup i would be very glad.

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