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*I no longer desire to update this post so please follow the thread where updates will be posted by me or other users.

The Xebra/Arbex Guide:

Latest Version Change Log (150215):

CPU: Default Run Mode was fixed.
GPU: One drawing method(MaskTest->Lighting->Blending) was fixed.

General Info:

XEBRA.EXE: is a very accurate emulator that is updated and fixed constantly.
It may be even the most compatible emulator to date.

ARBEX.EXE: is a Xebra build that do not require Bios, its also an HLE (High-Level Emulator)
and may not run few games that require a more accurate adresses from the console.
(like Gameshark CDs).

SIM.EXE: Is a simulation editor that controlls the virtual behaviour of the consoles "Brain".

MCM.EXE: Is a memory card manager. You can delete games, format card, extract icons.
It also can save many formats including many emulators and cheating devices.

* Read the Help inside Xebra to see whats new and how to operate it.


Rename any bios file (ex. scph1001.bin) to OSROM (no extention) and put it in the Xebra directory.
New XEBRA version do not require a bios.

How to Run CDs:

(1)File/Open/CD-ROM via SPTI, then select ANY file on the disk.
(2)Run/Run 2 (1-pass) or press F5

How to properly swap CDs:

(1)Run/Pause or F6
(2)Run/Open Shell
(3)File/Open/CD-ROM via SPTI, then select ANY file on the disk.
(4)Run/Close Shell
(5)Run/Run 2 (1-pass) or F5

Or just use steps (2),(3),(4) without pausing the emulation.
This will be more like in the real console (but you will hear noise when using the menu without pausing).

Controller Mapping:

Thanks to TBx.

I use X, Y, Z, R, and everything works as it should with DS3 and MotionInJoy in third setting.
For XBOX360 controller I think it should be X, Y, U, R.


You can use a Gameshark/Pro Action Replay CDs but I would suggest using CEP.
CEP is also writen by Dr. Hell and its working like PEC but not through a plugin.

* Cheat CDs only work with Xebra, because Arbex is HLE (High Level Emulation).
CEP works with both.

First you run Xebra & Game then you run CEP and point it to a running process (XEBRA.EXE).
Now you select or type your cheats, and load them directly into the already running emulator.

Easy as Pie.

CEP 024 is attached.
Read CEP.TXT inside for instructions.


* Use Daemon Tools to mount images (Make sure it's the latest for proper audio CD playback).
* Spread the word of this great emulator.

Official Web Site:
(Click at the Image at the bottom of the page to download the latest release).

Official Forum:

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Nice, this version makes this emulator a top tier contender imho. Adding support for higher resolution was a smooth move.

Now if only the GUI was changed... anyways, this emulator is worthy of praise and deserves the attention it needs, keep up the good work Dr. hell!

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The page doesn't load, it keeps timing out everytime, and I tried the direct download link from that site, no go either. And, if I can't even load his page, how am I suppose to click the image, think my friend. By the way, for the amount of time for you to post that message, you could've just uploaded the file already.

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110120 Released!


I'm not sure where to find the change log, if someone could post the official changes

For sure I can see that the controller options have changed to include "Virtual DualShock"

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Thanks Ilya-v! By the way, where do you find the change logs? Or do you just figure them out yourself?

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Oops, thanks for pointing out the broken download link :)

Ahh I never looked at the help menu in XEBRA, I just kept looking at the xebra.pdf that comes with it like "hey... this still hasn't changed since 2009" haha

Thanks again Ilya-v
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