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Report on compatibility with games here.
Differentiate between Xebra and Arbex, and state which released version of either was used.

The general guidelines for reporting compatibility apply. Detail your hardware, settings used, mention if games are fully playable from start to end, only go ingame, hang anywhere or display glitches, and share screenshots.

One separate post for every game (same for every separate region, as compatibility can differ between US/EU/JP releases).

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Chrono Cross - US Region

Screen goes blank black and freezes (sound repeats in a loop/stutters) when the game has to load a new screen/section (pass through a door in the map, go to the status menu that shows the 3D models of the characters)

Xebra 1-7-11

Video Output:
Stretch with OpenGL +
Stretch +
Whole Frame Buffer -
Nearest +
Progressive +
Cycle(1) = 0
Cycle(2) = 0
Cycle(3) = 0

Sound Output:
N = 0

CPU: q8200 3.33GHz
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3L
RAM: 8GB OCZ DDR2 5-6-6-18 @ 478MHz
SC: Built in Realtek HD
HDD: 300GB Seagate + 1TB WD Black
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

(Sorry, I was too lazy to change the multi-color-ness of the specs from my sig)

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Aparently from Hattori's explaination from previous posts
the lower the "I Cache Rate" the faster the emulation recieves
commands from the emulated ps1 CPU, making the emulation more accurate.

You can lower the "I Cache Rate" setting to 8 (click 10 then -1, and -1 again).
wich will make Chrono Cross work without needing to press Blank everytime.

I saved a Simulation by the name of XEBRA.INI with this setting so that
Xebra will load this setting by defaul.
You can also edit the XEBRA.INI file with SIM.EXE and change the I Cache Rate
to "E".

I don't see any slow downs with lower settings, on the contrary it is smoother.


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Thanks guys! Using the Menu/Run/Misc/Blank worked, as well as setting "I Cache Rate" to "E" in SIM.EXE.

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I guess what Ilya-v was saying was that if you go down to 8 within Xebra.exe it will fix the Chrono Cross issue. However, in the Sim.exe you can lower the I Cache Rate LOWER to E, which is even faster/"more accurate" than 8? In any case, setting it to E did work for me.

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Dr. Hell about "I Cache Rate":
The frequency of PlayStation CPU is 33868800Hz.
Therefore many people think PlayStation executes 33868800 instructions per second.
However, there are actually a lot of factors to obstruct the execution, and it stops very often.
Not only CPU but also GPU, SPU and any other peripherals stop each other,
because they compete by the access to main storage.
To emulate these factors is very very heavy.
Probably, future Core-i7 10GHz might be power shortage.
Therefore, almost every game emulators cannot help adopting an approximate method "SIMULATION".
(some emulators have the part where even neither the emulation nor the simulation are done.
It is natural that some games never work on them)

"I Cache Rate" is average time to fetch one instruction from I Cache
(it is expanded to 16 times to deal by integer and written in hexadecimal number)

Haven't you ever heard?......
If Pentium and Celeron have same clock frequency, Pentium will be faster.
Because Pentium has bigger I Cache, so average i-fetch time is shorter.

In the same principle, the fetch time of refined program is shorter than that of non-refined.
Even in one game, refined code and non-refined code exist together.
There is no all mighty setting.


I think we'll have to live with changing this setting by hand.

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