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An emulator for Windows and Linux emulating the SG-1000, NES, Master System, PC-Engine & PC-Engine CD-ROM2, Genesis & Sega CD, SNES, Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo CD, CPS Changer, FM Towns Marty, PC-FX, GameBoy & GameBoy Colour, Game Gear, Neo-Geo Pocket & Neo Geo Pocket Colour, WonderSwan & WonderSwan Colour and GameBoy Advance:

# [Xe] Interface key mapping change.
# [Xe] Added option “Auto Fill”.
# [Xe] Added option “Horizontal Overscan”.
# [Xe] Added aspect “Zoom”.
# [Xe] Fixed CDDA Sub Q reading (ISRC/MCN).
# [Xe/Linux] Fixed ALSA startup flags.
# [PC Engine CD-ROM2] Fixed CD bugs introduced by the new execution core.
# [Mega CD] Fixed CD bugs introduced by the new execution core.
# [Neo Geo] Changed horizontal resolution to 288.
# [Marty] Fixed mouse reset state.
# [Neo Geo Pocket] Fixed TLCS-900H cpu on big endian machines.

Site updates:

* Updated status section with new Playstation and Saturn images.
* Updated manual with changes.
Site @ Xe - Multi System Emulator

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WOW, That's The first time I've seen an emulator that try to do all THAT all at once....
Gotta keep an eye on it (0_0)
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