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[Cross post from Cxbx forums]

I'm currently busy upgrading the XdkTracker tool;

Things I've already done:
- integrated all load-code into 1 method, preventing duplicate code
- introduced the difference between Title & dump FileName
- added a column showing which dumping tool was used
- each column in the import-window can now be sorted
- during import, you can now overwrite XBE titles already in the database with new info from the XBE dumps (there's also a Select All/Invert/None popup menu available now)

Things I plan on doing :
- better duplicate detection during import (using title&region)
- embed XBE list into main window
- add an extra column for region information
- integrate import-window and main list into one piece of code
- column-selection popup (Un-/hiding libraries)
- delete/merge/edit popup-menu options
- batch-rename XBE dumps to a convention like FileName = TitleToFileName(Title) + RegionString + '.txt'
- batch-dump XBE's (from a folder, search all XBE's, dump each of XBE found, import the result - all in one go)

Any other suggestions?

PS: We'll be providing an all-new build of Dxbx + XdkTracker near christmas - keep your eye on (or these forums) for updates
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