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I'd like to make a request to anybody out there that has access to an XDK and IDA Pro's Flirt package :

Could you please create patterns files for at least these xbox lib files? :
  • XDK\xbox\lib\d3d8.lib
  • XDK\xbox\lib\d3d8ltcg.lib (new)
  • XDK\xbox\lib\d3dx8.lib
  • XDK\xbox\lib\dsound.lib
  • XDK\xbox\lib\libcmt.lib
  • XDK\xbox\lib\xapilib.lib
  • XDK\xbox\lib\xgraphics.lib
  • XDK\xbox\lib\xgraphicsltcg.lib (new)
  • XDK\xbox\lib\xmv.lib
More might be added to this list, since I recently updated XDKTracker to keep record of all libraries in use by various games (this list was hard-coded until recently).

Normally, it's enough to drag'n'drop the .lib file on top of pcf.exe - a .pat will be generated and that's all we want.
Please prepend the .pat file with the version-number of the XDK, so you'll get "4637xapilib.pat" for example.

We use these to detect as much API's as possible (and I'm working on a much more efficient trie-structure to store them in), so : please send 'em in!

Thanks in advance!

PS: If anyone 'in the know' has comments on the legality of these pattern files, please contact us - we really don't want anyone to get in trouble because of this!

PS 2: Note that it's the xbox library patterns we're requesting, not the actual XDK's themselves (we don't really need them actually) !

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is there a list somewhere of the xdks you currently have?
edit: yes there is in the resource/patterns folder of the source
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