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Xbox 2 Ready in the fall

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Here we go again. :???:

Source: G-biz


It's been known in industry circles for months, but the news is now finally starting to leak. You'll be able to buy the next generation Xbox in both America and Europe in 2005, say experts.

While internet news sources today have reported that Microsoft is readying to launch its next generation Xbox hardware in America and Europe in the fourth quarter of this year, Eurogamer has learnt that the specific timing for the machine's roll-out is late October or early November, and merely weeks after the US launch. The exact date is yet to be solidified. Speaking under conditions of strict anonymity, senior American and British development, publishing and retail sources have confirmed the launch window in the past weeks. It is also now widely known among British sources that Microsoft UK is currently in the planning stages of a spectacular and unprecedented launch event in central London for the winter release.

While it has been accepted for some time that Xbox 2, currently codenamed Xenon, would be released in America before the end of the year, the news of a Q4 launch in both the UK and Europe will send shockwaves through the industry and gaming community on this side of the Atlantic. Many have expressed concern that Microsoft is forcing the next generation of console hardware too early, and that the current generation still has much to achieve. The most famous example of this came from then Nintendo of Europe MD David Gosen speaking at an ELSPA summit in London last October, where he lambasted Microsoft for pushing a next generation machine to market in 2005, and even went so far as to question Microsoft's motivation as profit. "In every cycle, some manufacturer not profiting from the current cycle is eager to kick-start the next one," he said at the time.

EA recently confirmed that next generation Xbox titles would ship alongside current generation offerings later this year, although the certainty of a European release this side of 2006 has been muted: until now. Microsoft has already publicly snubbed the suggestion of Xbox 2 being shown for the first time at GDC in March, and it now seems obvious that E3 will see the grand unveiling of the machine.

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heh, yeah kind a... too fast :), also hardware is not everything...

truelly PS2 fan :)p)
Well...DW agrees that Micro$oft will release in 2005.

The main drive is to beat out the competition. It is firmly believed that this is how Playstation 2 won out this last console war. They started early, established a userbase, drew the attentions of game developers, and beat out their Xbox and GC...Both of which are considered technically superior (and easier to develop for). (Some could argue based on the Dreamcast fate, but essentially the view is valid)

M$ could technically debut their new system, and still maintain support for their current Xbox platform. (Thus keeping current owners happy). Nintendo, and developers, continued to support the NES even after the release of the SuperNES (and eventually N64). This is probably our best example since backwards compatibility came into play with Sony's transition and Nintendo's GB transition (And Sega's use of Add-Ons initially).
They will do the usual system debut, and then release a scaled down remodel of their existing platform. Nintendo put out the scaled down top loading NES Model 2, and developers still rolled out software for some time after...So feasibly M$ could do it...Think about it...M$ has yet to release a remodelled Xbox. They could scale back some features (Perhaps replace the HDD for flash mem they are planning to adopt for Xbox 2 anyways).

We see it happening
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The reason Sony won being earlier than the competition was because of the PlayStation name and the Sony brand..

You didn't have to even know about the PS2's power or functions or anything to just know it was a better offering of the console nearly every american kid owned.

Microsoft won't lose going early simply because they can afford the losses, because they're Microsoft, and the Xbox is wildly popular. Naming schemes do make a difference. The casual gamer probably doesn't even know the Gamecube is from the same people who brought you the N64. Names like Xbox 2 or Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2/3 do push consoles. People will buy even if it's bad.

However going early in general isn't exactly beneficial, competition will evaluate MS and adjust their products accordingly.

And FYI MS has commented on scaled-down Xboxes, they said they wouldn't make one, but we'll see.
wow you people should write a book!!!
any way i have a question can i play xbox games on the xbox2?
aliofdoom said:
any way i have a question can i play xbox games on the xbox2?
No. Which as far as I'm concerned is just another reason I'm not expecting Xbox 2 to be much (if any) better than its predecessor except for in hardware.
ugh next-gen here we come...

If I'm buying just 1 console to start my next-gen gaming then it's going to be Sony. I would much rather spend $300 on a PS3 than the Xbox 2 :p

I still dont know what kind of 3rd party support Xbox 2 is going to have... I'll wait for the Metal Gear Solid 4 announcment then make a decision ;)

PSP + PS3 that's were my money's going :thumb:
i just wanted to know if the playstaion 3's release date for the europe is released and is it soon, and wats going on about the "gamecube revolution2" is ever coming.
I hope I don't sound like to much of a n00b here, but then again I don't really keep up with the consol stuff to much. Anyhow is SONY doing the backwards compatabily again? so it will be 3 consols in one? or not this time around? *hopes he doesn't get flames for a dumb question*
Aided Onslaught said:
I hope I don't sound like to much of a n00b here, but then again I don't really keep up with the consol stuff to much. Anyhow is SONY doing the backwards compatabily again? so it will be 3 consols in one? or not this time around? *hopes he doesn't get flames for a dumb question*
i doubt it enormously since they are using a completly new technology (Cell thingy)
Okay, in a way I kinda thought that myself, but with the power house they calm it to be, I don't know that system maybe able to emulate anything...even sex...
Aided said:
...even sex...
:???: oO

I tend to agree with Ryos, Due to the non-backwards compatibility of the xbox2
i dont think it will do to well, not unless theirs something Drasticly new with the consol im not really gonna care for it. i dont know anything about the new xbox other than its not backwards compaitble. which is kindof a drag.. honeslty if its gonna be more than 200$ i think i'd be better off just buying a premod xbox somewhere on the net, iirc isnt it when xbox first came out it was around 500 something? or was that the ps2
LOL I was thinking of buying a used XBOX from Electronic Boutique when people start trading them in for the XBOX2. I didn't think anyone else was thinking that as well...or at least something similiar! ;)
>i doubt it enormously since they are using a completly new technology (Cell thingy)

The PS2 runs PSX by way of having (effectively) the PSX hardware on an extra chip (IIRC the IO controller chip is used)
Sony suggested that there will be backwards compatibility, but in a more software based format, on the PS3
Xbox 2 games against ps2 games, not hardware!

Xbox don't have many games you like, ps2 does but the graphics are very bad.
Who cares about hardware ?
I want an Xbox to put all my emulation stuff on it...and maybe some games like Fable....other than that, I don't think I'll be getting an if they are cheap used...I'm getting one too...
if the cell can emulate ps2...then thats something to be scared of.
I doubt a 750mhz Celeron can emulate a 200mhz system.
Chankast requires a 1.7GHZ system to emulate a Dreamcast, and it's still WIP, so I doubt a system half as powerful can emulate a Playstation 2! ;)
You can't say what two systems can do by CPU MHz alone.. that's about as useless as trying to teach a cat to swim (like water rather). :???:
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