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Having trouble getting these 3 to play together nice...

I have successfully used Xin-Mo Dual and x360ce with other games and they work fine, but this game seems to hate me.

Both sets of controls function 100% correctly within x360ce.

Within the game itself, it's quite bizarre. Some of the joy buttons work, and only UP and LEFT work on the stick. This is the same for both sets of controls.

Attempting to use xinput1_3.dll, nothing changes.
Attempting to use xinput1_4.dll, player1 controls function near 100%, but moving UP as player1 also moves UP as player2. Player2 controls remain broken (ie. only UP and LEFT and some buttons work).

No matter what I try, I've not managed to progress past this point.

I'm afraid I'm still learning how to trouble shoot this sort of thing, and any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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